2 Awkward Girls Attempting To Ballroom Dance

This past weekend, I went to Texas to visit family and to cheer on my sister and brother-in-law in a charity dance competition benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters. Ironically, both my sister and I competed in charity ballroom dance competitions this year. Being polar opposites, I loved and relished every moment of being on stage, performing, and wearing tons of makeup and an outrageous sparkly costume whereas my sister was slightly mortified and had to be talked into it. That being said, I didn’t even place in my competition and my sister and brother-in-law won the whole thing. #polaropposites I thought I would embarrass us both by posting both our videos today.

So... their trophy is real and mine was a consolation prize... although, mine would be the ONLY trophy ever given out for a triple rumba... since that dance is a made up dance.

So… their trophy is real and mine was a consolation prize… although, mine would be the ONLY trophy ever given out for a triple rumba… since that dance is a made up dance. Also, notice the similar hairstyles… blonde afros for the win.

Now… when I say embarrass myself I’m not doing one of those “oh my gosh my house is a MESS” when the house is actually spotless when you drop by kind of things… like… I’m actually embarrassed to watch my own dance video. HOWEVER, I don’t mind embarrassing myself which is probably why I’ve subjected myself to all kinds of humiliation throughout the years… pageants, commercials where I play someone who sweats excessively, this dance contest, etc. I would also like to say that prior to watching this video, I actually thought I was Karina Smirnoff any time I was performing.


Unlike my sister, who danced with her husband, I had the help of a professional. Insert Donald Stamper, my partner/teacher aka a saint. I could not have been paired up with a better teacher or more hilarious, fun, or handsome person. I am literally obsessed with him. (Check out this Bollywood themed video we made to raise money/solicit votes!) If you’ve been thinking about taking lessons, CALL HIM. He can teach individuals or couples. I promise you’ll get an ab workout just from laughing. He might be my favorite person in the entire world, not kidding.



Presenting Donald Stamper and I dancing the “triple rumba!!!” (That’s a lie, we danced the cha cha, but there were too many people dancing the cha cha, so they creatively re-titled ours haha)

Brenna Mader from BlueSky Filmworks, Inc. on Vimeo.

Donald and I were proud to dance on behalf of Safe Haven Family Shelter – a homeless shelter here in Nashville that provides housing to entire families as well as help finding full time employment and housing. Safe Haven also educates these families about nutrition, how to manage your finances, etc. They truly abide by the old adage, “give a man a fish – feed him for a day, teach a man to fish – feed him for a lifetime.” Their work and mission truly changes the lives of entire families.

I would now like to present to you my sister, Jamie and brother-in-law, Eric’s award winning dance to “Pretty Woman.” I should also note that they raised over $22,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters in their community!! (PS: Sorry for the obnoxious screaming, that was me!)

Well… is it obvious that we didn’t grow up dancing?? haha We’re both lucky to have lots of loved ones supporting us!


It wouldn’t be an important occasion if Kelly Sutton weren’t there with me!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Lots of proud parents!

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