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It’s time to focus on the positive people! Here are some things that put a smile on my face:

1. Gifts: I have come home several times this week to some of the most thoughtful cards/gifts! I have never lost the childlike obsession with ripping open presents, so thanks for cheering me up guys!

Some of the presents I've gotten this week! SO CUTE! PS: That shirt really does make a heart in the back - love it!

Some of the presents I’ve gotten this week alone, never gets old! PS: That shirt really does make a heart in the back – love it!

2. Friends/Nachos (together or separately): I worked a job in Atlanta the past three days and somehow Miss GA USA, Brittany and Miss NC USA, Ashley were both in town, so we got to have lunch yesterday! They are two of my favorite girls from Miss USA and somehow it feels like we have been apart for way longer than 10 days, it was so good to see them!

We are used to eating lunch together... just not used to eating THIS at lunch!

We are used to eating lunch together… just not used to eating THIS at lunch!

3. This commercial – never. fails.:

4. Messages like this:
photo 1(4) photo 2(3)
Seriously, never underestimate the power of kind words. All of yours have made such an impact on my outlook this past week.

5. Getting a random text in the middle of the day of your boyfriend teaching his tiny niece the basics of rapping (brace yourself, it’s super hardcore):

What is she swinging around you ask? Just some pink fuzzy dice that someone brought her from Las Vegas! hahaha
Hope y’all are getting your happy on today!

Favorite interview I did at Miss USA? Telemundo!!!! They were so much fun to work with and I would love to work with them again in the future! As hard as I tried to figure out how to embed this video, I couldn’t. SO, click here to view the interview!Fullscreen capture 6232013 114106 PM

A few comments:

1. OMG is my voice as annoying to y’all as it is to me?! (hope not, aaahg)
2. I WORKED as a WORKER in the plant… (lol what??/how sick are you guys of hearing about how I worked in the coal mine…?)
3. Ugh. I need more lipstick, blush, hair spray, etc. NO WONDER I DIDN’T WIN THIS THING!!
3. Dramatics much for that novella face?! haha That’s the point, right!? aka I need to be a Latin soap star! Callllllllll me Telemundo!

I’m gonna just put this out there… being the Nashville correspondent for MTV’s O Music Awards is the coolest hosting gig I’ve had thus far. The team I worked with was creative, laid back, and fun. I was able to listen to and discover some amazing artists. (Check out Chris Stapleton, Moon Taxi, Rayland Baxter, and Marc Sibilia!) I also got to have the creative freedom to write most of my own intros and interview questions. SO FUN!

photo 1(3)

With the man, Chris Stapleton – he just embarked on his first solo project. He is going to be huge, mark my words. Also, he is cool in my book because he let me pose touching his ZZ Top beard.

photo 2(2)

My fellow Belmont University alum and friend Daniel Fernandez playing with Marc Scibilia on the left and introducing my other Belmont alum, Moon Taxi on the right.

photo 3(1)

Candids from my interview with Gavin DeGraw. Yep, his voice and songs are still amazing.

photo 4(1)

I have to laugh at the bottom right photo… posing with my makeup artist Stephanie and the Electro Shine dancing ghetto blaster.

photo 5(1)

From top left clockwise: Matthew Perryman Jones, Moon Taxi (get it Wes!), Marc Scibilia, and Gavin DeGraw.

The performance of the day was definitely Chris Stapleton singing “Sometimes I Cry” – whoa voice of the millennium?! I can’t even handle how good he is. In the words of Matty Ride, he sounds like he has been gargling gravel, swallowing nails, and smoking cigarettes since he was 13. This video is not from the show, but this is a great version of him playing it live.


I had heard that Marc Scibilia was good, but when the lyrics to his first song started with “I wanna marry Miss Tennessee” I knew he was one smart cookie! haha Check out the song here:

Lastly, I am legitimately BLOWN AWAY by Moon Taxi – I knew one of the members (the talented keyboardist, Wes Bailey) from my days at Belmont, but had never heard their music until yesterday and lucky for me, I got to see it live. Ridiculous. They are so good, creative, easy to listen to, innovative, energetic, cool, etc. SO GOOD PEOPLE!!

Can I just say praise Jesus that I had such an awesome job to come home to this week? I booked a job as the Nashville correspondent for MTV’s O Music Awards and got to introduce and interview so many cool artists yesterday, and I’ll be working all day today doing the same. It is an online awards show that lasts for 24 hours straight and features 50 bands. If you would like to watch the link is: Here are a couple sub par photos from my phone from yesterday (hopefully I’ll get some higher quality images from the photographer):

photo 2(1)

Parmalee doing their sound check.

The Features performing - whoa. They are so good live!

The Features performing – whoa. They are so good live!

With Gavin DeGraw after our interview - he's quirky, likes Sailor Jerry, hates the expression YOLO, and has the cutest parents of all time.

With Gavin DeGraw after our interview – he’s quirky, likes Sailor Jerry, hates the expression YOLO, and has the cutest parents of all time. PS: He released a new single this week called “Best I Ever Had” check it out!

Also, I just wanted to thank each and every person who reached out to me in support of my post yesterday. I was slightly nervous to be so vulnerable, but those emotions poured out of me so easily and for some reason, I felt like it was important to share, not to mention the fact that I think it was good therapy for me! The responses I got were incredible – and on top of that, my blog got quadruple the views it has gotten even on it’s best day, so that was another big happy in the midst of my week of wallowing! Thanks again for loving on me!