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Some of you who follow me on Twitter may know that for the past 6.5 days I’ve been on a raw cold pressed juice cleanse. I’ve blogged about juice cleanses before (check it out!)  and almost everyone I encounter when I’m on one of these cleanses has tons of questions.

Nutrients in every color of the rainbow!

What: A juice cleanse consists of consuming only raw cold pressed juices, meaning that the juices are not pasteurized – therefore, the juices still contain all vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Why: Drinking raw cold pressed juice is one of the quickest and easiest ways to flood one’s body with nutrients. Did you know that your cells actually absorb the nutrients in juice as quickly as alcohol enters the bloodstream? Normally when consuming solid foods, nutrients are not absorbed until after the body goes through the lengthy digestion process. Juice cleanses also help detoxify and reboot your system. Be aware that you may feel nauseated or have headaches and other detox symptoms on the first couple days of your cleanse.

I usually do about 4 of these cleanses a year, but up until this point, the longest I had ever done was 3 days. My good friend Marcia – who is a warrior and at one time has done a 10 day cleanse, convinced me after eating many veggie corn dogs and drinking several bourbon drinks over the course of a weekend at a music festival in Kentucky that we should do a 7 day cleanse.

So much fun at Forecastle in Louisville, Kentucky with this beautiful boss lady. Corn dogs and bourbon make for a fun weekend, but I'm feeling realllllly good post juice cleanse!

So much fun at Forecastle in Louisville, Kentucky with this beautiful boss lady and juice cleanse partner in crime. Corn dogs and bourbon definitely have their place and make for a fun weekend, but I’m feeling realllllly good post juice cleanse!  I don’t know if I would have stuck to this cleanse without this lady – I highly recommend finding a friend to do your cleanse with to hold you accountable. It also provides a more sympathetic ear to what will be constant whining the first few days. 🙂

I reluctantly agreed, totally questioning my ability to give up solid food for an entire week. Somehow, I’ve managed to get through the past 6.5 days with no solid food, coffee, or alcohol.

And I didn’t even kill anyone!!!!

As long as we’re talking about this, I might as well get real – were there a lot of times where it was hard? Yes. Is eating solid food one of my greatest joys and passions? YASSSS. Was it an exercise in discipline, willpower, and sticking to a commitment? Absolutely. Am I so proud of myself for committing and proving to myself that I could do it? YEAH. Like I said, I didn’t even know if I was capable, but after the first few days, cleansing starts to feel incredible and it does get easier. Let just TELL you, I am feeling healthy, hydrated, well rested, energetic, and on cloud 9 – and in addition, completing something that was such a challenge has made me feel like I can do anything.

You're not really on a juice cleanse unless you take a selfie with your juice and post it on Twitter, so...

You’re not really on a juice cleanse unless you take a selfie with your juice and post it on Twitter, so…

I highly recommend looking into a raw cold pressed juice cleanse if you haven’t done one before. As I mentioned in my other post about my cleanse with Juice Nashville, my inspiration for my first and subsequent cleanses came from the documentary, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” I am a total documentary fiend – and this one is my absolute favorite. Well made, informative, entertaining, inspirational. If you have Netflix, seriously, it’s worth your watch. Check out the trailer:

How: I have a juicer at home that I use a lot, but am so thankful that I live in a city that is so on board with healthy eating. I wanted to shout out some of my favorite spots to get juices and healthy smoothies here in Nashville. Check them out if you haven’t already!

Juice Nashville
Fit Food Revolution
Whole Foods
Center of Symmetry
The Urban Juicer
Juice Place Brentwood 

Today’s dressed up casual look combines some classic summer pieces: linen, denim shorts, and aviator sunglasses. J Crew makes some of my favorite button ups of all time and I have tons of GAP denim. These GAP 1969 Maddie Denim shorts have been my go-to all summer. They have a little bit of stretch and are so comfortable, plus I’m obsessed with the color of the denim. They’re on sale now, so get them before they’re gone! I also love the way rose gold looks with this color palate and my Count Me Healthy by Chelsea Charles bracelet and earrings were the perfect classic accessories to complete the rest of my outfit. J Crew Perfect Linen Shirt, Count Me Healthy by Chelsea Charles, Michael Kors, Rose Gold, Miranda by Miranda Lambert Escapade, Gap, Cole Haan Wristlet, Coach AviatorsProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_4588Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

| Top: J Crew | Shorts: GAP (on sale!) | Shoes: Off Broadway/Miranda by Miranda Lambert  (These are almost sold out, get them while you can! Remember seeing me style them here in black??) | Watch: Michael Kors (old, but he makes a ton of great ones like this!) | Bracelet: CC Skye and Count Me Healthy by Chelsea Charles | Earrings: Count Me Healthy by Chelsea Charles (on sale!) | Sunglasses: Coach | Wristlet: Cole Haan (Sold out, but I like this and this) | Belt: GAP | Nails: Essie “Tart Deco” | Lipstick: Rain Cosmetics “Private Jet” |

All photos by Kara McLeland shot in Franklin, Tennessee.

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Lately I’ve caught some flack from some of my guy friends about not posting about men’s fashion so today is the day! I spent some time compiling some of my current favorite looks for men. I tend to gravitate to very tailored classic looks for men in both casual wear and suits. That brings me to my next point – I love a guy in a suit, but guys, take note – make sure it is tailored to you, that makes all the difference. There is also a blonde ASOS model who appears on this post MULTIPLE times that I am apparently crushing on… but that’s beside the point… Look for more men’s fashion posts coming to Wanderlust and Glitter Dust, I have some fun ideas in the works! Hover your mouse over an image to see the price and brand, happy shopping!
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This week’s look is a little bit more contemporary and urban that what I usually wear. I tend to be a little more glam and over the top, but sometimes the best looks are the most simple and classic. I centered my whole look around my new Calvin Klein Vivian ankle strap heels. Calvin Klein makes this shoe in a variety of colors and materials and I’m already lusting after several other pairs, but I couldn’t resist the black and white lizard. I’ve worn this fun shoe with jeans, dresses, shorts, and tons of different colors. It’s a great summer sandal! The rest of the look came together so easily and I’m willing to bet most of you have some variation of these pieces in your closet already. I felt soOoOo Kim Kardashian in my blazer and crop top… wait. Am I saying that like it’s a good thing? Whatever. haha Kara and I also loved that the setting was both feminine and tough… just like us modern women, right? 🙂 Forever 21 Blazer, Calvin Klein Vivian Ankle Strap Heels, Brenna Mader, Kara McLelandHouse of Harlow, House of Harlow White Sunburst Ring, Forever 21 BlazerProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Wanderlust and Glitter Dust, Brenna Mader, House of Harlow ring, Forever 21 Blazer, Cat eye sunglasses, Crop TopBlack and White FashionBlack and White FashionCalvin Klein, Calvin Klein Vivian, Black and White LizardProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

All photos by Kara McLeland shot in Franklin, Tennessee.

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One of my favorite makeup looks is a cat eye. I love all of them all – from a subtle retro look to a dramatic smokey eye. I’m a longtime devotee of gel eyeliner, but recently I got my hands on a new limited edition product from MAC Cosmetics call the Kelly Jumbo Penultimate. It’s from the collaboration MAC did with Sharon and Kelly Osborne and it’s essentially a sharpie for your eyes. The penultimate has a tip just like a marker that allows you to create the most thin and natural lines as well creating as much intensity as you want. Using the marker allows for much more precision than a brush in my opinion – so for those of you who haven’t mastered the cat eye yet or who want to make it much easier, get your hands on the Kelly Jumbo Penultimate before it’s gone forever!

I recently used it to create this bold look on my best friend Kara for a photo shoot for the acapella group she’s a part of called Forte Femme. (She’s usually the one behind the camera shooting all of my Fashion Friday looks, but that stunning face needs to be in front of it more, don’t you agree?!)
Kara McLeland, Forte Femme, Cat Eye, MAC Cosmetics Kelly Jumbo Pen Ultimate, Brenna Mader, Wanderlust and Glitter Dust
I would love to see pics of the cat eye looks you all create – and I’ll even share some of them! Leave me a comment here or share them on Twitter or Instagram! I’ll leave you with Forte Femme’s latest video – their own arrangement of Kimbra’s “Settle Down.” If you like upbeat, current, acapella music, you’ll LOVE Forte Femme!