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I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, but the 12 year old boy inside that controls my maturity level kind of giggles/is embarrassed to talk about my underwear with other people.

Here’s the thing, most women wear a bra and in the words of Sarah Silverman, “they’re just boobs!’

I have some (boobs) and wearing the right undergarment with the right outfit can make a big difference, so today I’m sharing my favorite bras with you because finding the perfect bra has never been easy for me. (Most women wear the wrong bra size, make sure you’re wearing the right size based on this article!)

Everyday bra: GapBody T-Shirt Bra – This bra fits true to size, has no padding, wears very smooth – even under the most fitted t-shirt, comes in a variety of colors, and is made of super soft modal fabric. It’s not necessarily the prettiest, but it is my every day go-to. Note: As a whole, I’ve been very impressed with all GapBody products. I like how they fit, the price is good, and they offer a variety of styles. I just ordered the lace back t-shirt bra for the first time, which I assume is this same bra in a racer back style, I’ll keep you posted. GapBody beats out Victoria’s Secret in my book as far as fit and comfort are concerned.  Gap is also offering 40% off today and free two day shipping with code “2Day”. (Today is the last day of the sale!) Continue reading

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetCould I have possibly added any more cheese to the title of this post? ^^^^ The answer to that is no, but I don’t care because I’m psyched about all things fall. (How basic white girl of me, I KNOW. Might as well mention that I’ll be all about that new all natural Pumpkin Spice Latte too, or as I like to say, PSL)

I’ve purchased a couple of pairs of boots, jackets, etc. and I’m READY, therefore today’s post is a totally fall outfit even though I haven’t actually started stepping out in tall boots yet.
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This week’s pictures were taken by my mom at my childhood home in Wyoming. I’m home for one of my best friend, Tammy’s, wedding this weekend in the Black Hills and I’m getting a little quality time in with my family while I’m at it. These pictures are extra special because my parents are in the process of moving out of the house right now – cue the tears. They brought me home from the hospital as a newborn to this house and I lived here until I went to college and even moved home for two summers thereafter. Do y’all get as attached to homes as I do? I’m as sentimental as it gets and I cried my eyes out when I moved out of the home I’d lived in for 7 years in Nashville last fall.  So many memories are attached to every square inch – but I will say, I’ve had so much fun finding lots of hilarious pictures and notes from my childhood in my old bedroom. I’m still close friends with a lot of people I went to elementary, junior high, and high school with and I have lots of embarrassing mementos of all of us – blackmail at the ready! ANYWAYS let’s get to the fashion before I tear up. Continue reading

I perpetually feel 14 and therefore, every fall I feel like I am ENTITLED to new school supplies and new school clothes. Right?!

I recently wrote an article for 12th & Broad about the trends I’m wanting to add to my wardrobe and have since been shopping like a fiend for said trends. I went out and found the exact items I’m wishing to purchase… and I’m gonna need a raise. I recently tried on the cream suede BCBG fringe cape at Bloomingdales in Beverly Hills and I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO GET IT OFF MY MIND! I picture myself traipsing through Italy in it… until I spill red wine all over it… (Perpetually 14, although at that time it would have been red gatorade, not wine…) Whateverrrr.

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What are you lusting over for Fall 2015?