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Nordstrom Rack Catherine Malandrino Sorcha Boot Stuart Weitzman Highland KnockoffI’ve always loved an over the knee boot and this winter I’ve purchased a few pairs (oops) but was looking for something a little more sleek ala the Stuart Weitzman Highland Boot, BUT I didn’t want to pay the Stuart Weitzman price. Props (who still says props?!) to my fellow Nashville blogger Caroline Margaret Studio for finding these Catherine Malandrino beauties. Check out her post here! They are currently even more on sale than when I purchased them a while back. Nordstrom Rack Catherine Malandrino Sorcha Boot Stuart Weitzman Highland KnockoffThey are so cute and so comfortable that my roommate went on to buy them too! (Also available in grey!) I’m loving them with a mini, leggings, jeans, etc. Not sure how to style/wear them without looking like Pretty Woman? Check out this article for a few ideas. australian shepherd

I would also like to take a poll about these sunglasses – I bought them pre-Italy thinking that they were going to make me look JUST like Gigi Hadid… and sometimes I feel super fly in them. Another Viviek-ism “Rosé Sunglasses!!” …but sometimes I also feel like I look like Ozzy Osborne… please weigh in, I promise it won’t hurt my feelings. ray ban icon sunglasses pink and brown over the knee boots stuart weitzman knock offray ban icon sunglasses pink and brown over the knee boots stuart weitzman knock off

Sidenote: how much do we love my little abominable snowman of a nephew, Graham? Seriously, the cutest little butterball in the world. Can’tttttt handle it! ray ban icon sunglasses pink and brown over the knee boots stuart weitzman knock offray ban icon sunglasses pink and brown over the knee boots stuart weitzman knock off

ray ban icon sunglasses pink and brown over the knee boots stuart weitzman knock off

Shop this look by clicking on the photos below and have a fab weekend!

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One of my all time favorite beauty looks is Old Hollywood waves and a classic red lip. I decided to sport this style at my best friend Claire’s Valentine’s Day wedding. This look is actually MUCH easier than it would appear and I’m gonna teach you how it’s done today. Old Hollywood Waves and Red Lips Tutorial

One of the first tutorials I put on Wanderlust and Glitter Dust is for these waves – find it here. (It’s a little bit old-school, but it still teaches you everything you need to achieve the look!) Continue reading

Where has the city of San Diego been all my life?! I went for the first time this past fall for work and absolutely fell in LOVE. I knew I would be coming back in February, so I recruited my best friend/roommate/wife Taryn to go with me and once again, it did NOT disappoint. I’m gonna go ahead and deem it one of the most magical US cities.

There are so many cool pockets of the city to explore, so we decided to make our way up the coast. We started in downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp District and stayed at the beautiful and historic US Grant.

Photo from

Photo from

The Gaslamp district is such a fun part of town to stay in – there are so many great restaurants, bars, theaters, and water within walking distance.

We flew in on Superbowl Sunday and accidentally found the cutest restaurant/bar with the greatest menu (and $10 bottles of champagne) to hang out in called The Local San Diego. (Right across the street from our hotel). We had the perfect Sunday Funday/Superbowl combination – something my bestie Vivek and I have affectionately titled #NachosandChamps. The crowd hanging out here was also so nice and laid back. We made lots of friends – including sharing some skittles with our bartender. There were also so many other things on the menu I wanted to try like carnitas chilaquiles, croissant french toast, street fries, chicken bomb mi, churro waffles with dulce de leche, etc… It was also a beautiful day and they had their entire wall of garage doors opened.

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 Our hotel was also located across the street from the historic Balboa Theater where by happenstance the Dancing With The Stars Tour was playing. We finagled ourselves some orchestra streets and enjoyed the show was probably the youngest people in the audience. #hatersgonnahate The theater is definitely worth seeing – so stunning!

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I’m also the queen of finding juice bars in every town/city I come to and I came across one of my favorites ever – a place called Juice Saves.


I went both mornings I was there and had a $20 all liquid breakfast both times – the Kukumber and some sort of superfood infused cocoa cold brew coffee. Worth ittttt. Already can’t wait to head back to this beautiful place. Stay tuned for a recap of La Jolla and Del Mar next week.


Skinny Juice

Ever find yourself feeling bloated or what some of my friends and I like to call “fahhhhhht”? I was feeling that way a couple months ago and I got to thinking about how I could naturally fight some of that bloat and inflammation and I came up with this juice recipe. To be honest, it kind of sounds gross, but if you like green juice, you’ll like this recipe.

Thanks Pinterest for this pretty image

-1 bundle of asparagus

-1 cucumber (unpeeled)

-1 lemon

-As much ginger as you can handle

-1 apple (optional, I often forgo this as I don’t want the added sugar)

The asparagus and cucumber are both natural diuretics, which means they pull excess water out of the body. Cucumber is also extra hydrating and the peel contains zinc, which is a known skin beautifier.

The lemon helps cleanse the liver. The liver plays a central role in all metabolic processes in the body. In fat metabolism, the liver cells break down fats and produce energy.

Ginger breaks down inflammation and acidity —  more and more studies are showing that ginger is more powerful than drugs like Advil, Aleve and Tylenol. For best results, be sure to drink this juice on an empty stomach.

If I am feeling puffy or if I have a shoot coming up, I always drink this juice a day or two before and it leaves me feelin’ fiiiiiine. I’ve had my friend Lauren on it pre engagement photos and it has her stamp of approval too. I wanna hear how you like it (or don’t) in the comments section! Warning: Yes, your pee will smell like asparagus.