Monthly Archives: August 2016

Well… I’m only 17 days behind, BUT HERE IS YOUR AUGUST 2016 PLAYLIST! It’s been kind of a crazy month – I’m currently in the middle of something Taryn dubbed “Adult Internship” which essentially means living abroad for 23 days. I just finished up the first leg of my trip in Zambia, Africa with an incredible organization called Every Orphan’s Hope. (I’m currently working on a post about that as I sit in Munich, Germany on an 8 hour layover on my way to Hvar, Croatia!) I think I’m still processing everything I saw and felt there, but it was one of the most meaningful weeks of my entire life. I’m enroute now for some relaxation and adventure¬†in Croatia and France with my dear friend Whitney of Blonde Atlas. (Follow along in realtime on Snapchat and Instagram @BrennaMader! Did anyone see any of my Zambia adventures?)

But ok, let’s talk about music for a second. I think my favorite discovery in the past month is Grace who also happens to be the sister of Conrad Sewell. I have two of her tracks on this playlist¬†and she’s kind filling the hole in my heart that Amy Winehouse left. Soulful voice, upbeat poppy/motown feel… that combo gets me every time. Also, I can’t believe I’m about to admit this, but I’m really feeling the new Shawn Mendes track… he kind of sounds like the lovechild of John Mayer and Allen Stone. Enjoy – and as always, comment what you’re listening to!