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I love this month’s playlist. I’m currently starting training for a half marathon and this playlist has plenty of upbeat tracks that make me feel like I can finish my run. (Which is currently at 2 miles) haha   What are your favorite songs to work out to, I’d love to know as I’ll need all the motivation I can get!

The monthly playlist has arrived! As usual it’s a mix of old and new and several different genres, but I will say, there is a common theme here: this is a feel good playlist! Something about summer makes me want to hear all of that goodness. What’s your favorite tune on this list?

This month’s playlist was curated as I was traveling in California and Arizona for work and prepping for my wedding. For that reason it’s a little shorter than usual, but it’s got some good ones. My standout tracks are the dreamlike tune “Livewire” by Oh Wonder and the catchy upbeat “Old School” by Urban Cone. I’m also an Ed Sheeran fangirl – I was so excited when he released “+” and “Dive” is my favorite track. Whatcha listening to right now?

This month is typical in that the playlist has some obscure, some local, and some popular. I want to highlight the local this month. I’m fortunate that I often get to collaborate with artists as a hair and makeup artist and this month I got to work with two who’s music I happen to really enjoy.

I did hair and makeup for Mags Duvall on her new music video (not out yet – stay tuned) for Stay Lonely. If anything can make you hate a song, it’s hearing it over and over and over while shooting a video and I just grew to love this one more – and am still listening to it. You’re gonna love it, I don’t care who you are. You may have also seen me post the Mary Kay collaboration video we did on Instagram for her song “Pink Cadillac” ( which is such a fun song that I like to pump up while I’m getting ready to go out.

The next video I worked on was They Can’t See for Michael Tyler. I didn’t know this artist at all and had no idea what to expect. I’m obsessed with this song and it may be one of the sweetest love songs I’ve heard in a while with opening lyrics of:

“Her stain glass eyes are always praying for me
she’s a brand new angle to my same old story
she says it all without saying a word
she’d give her last dollar just to change the world.
Every body knows that she’s beautiful
drop dead gorgeous walking through that door
what makes that woman perfect is way more than skin deep
I’m in love with everything they can’t see.”