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About 2 weeks ago, I booked a job doing hair and makeup for a Lifetime show that was to shoot at Amy Grant and Vince Gill’s farm. Sure, I was looking forward to it, but I had no idea what an enjoyable day it would be. Working in television and hair and makeup has given me the opportunity to work with many Nashville celebrities in some capacity (except Dolly Parton, WHEN AM I GONNA GET THAT PHONE CALL!?), so this is a big statement to make but… I think she is my favorite ever of all time.

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Looking from the porch of one cabin to another – so charming!

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While filming – let it be known that it was FREEZING cold this day! I hadn’t even been introduced to Amy yet and she walked up to me and offered me a coat. #thoughtful #leatherjacket #firststepinmebecomingpresidentofherfanclub

I have never seen a superstar so unaffected by their success, so genuine, so wise, so vulnerable, and so interested in others. (She wanted to know all about what preparing for Miss USA entails and even recommended her favorite salad bowl from Trader Joe’s! Ha!) I swear to you every time that woman opens her mouth something profound comes out. In addition, prior to seeing her in person, I didn’t realize how beautiful she is. Totes gorg!

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Deep conversations happening here… be sure to tune into The Balancing Act on Lifetime to see this episode!

The purpose of the interview we shot was for her to talk about her experience with her parent’s dementia. She shared so many touching personal stories and had most of the crew in tears multiple times.

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Trying to stay warm with Danielle and Claudia.

  Amy Grant is coming out with her first full length studio album in 10 years and has some pretty great people contributing to the project including: James Taylor, Carole King, Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill, and Will Hoge. Basically, I am so impressed by her in any way one can possibly be impressed. She is a fantastic model of what a human being should be!

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Another highlight of this shoot was doing hair and makeup on the gorgeous Danielle Knox. She is a great host and she can be seen on The Balancing Act on Lifetime. Only a Miami girl with lots of flavor could pull off this bold look, and boy did she! She is even prettier in person.

One of my favorite things about living in Nashville is the songwriting culture. I believe with all my heart that the best songwriters in the entire world are here and I have been able to experience that in a variety of ways outside of just attending lots of shows and writer’s rounds. I worked as an assistant to a top pop/country/christian/international songwriter for a while (shout out to the incomparable Jeff Cohen), my boyfriend is an incredible artist/songwriter/producer, and because I grew up idolizing my grandmother who is a painter, listening to my dad play piano every day, and being involved in music lessons and theater, I always feel a strong connection to creative people and seem to mesh well with photographers, chefs, designers, musicians, artists, etc.

A painting lesson with my Grandma over Christmas break this year... bet you can tell which one is hers and which one is mine! ha!

A painting lesson with my Grandma over Christmas break this year… bet you can tell which one is hers and which one is mine! ha!

It was rainy in Nashville tonight and there is nothing I relish more on nights like these than holing up with good friends and laying around on the couch eating a homemade meal, having a glass of wine, and catching up and that is exactly what I did with two of my favorite friends from college.

As kids from Belmont do, we ended up talking about the music industry and great songs and songwriters for an extended time and it got me thinking about how important music has been in my life.

Performing the rap from "Sister Act" with my best friend Kara in 8th grade, it's a little known fact that all of the best rappers wear turtlenecks to perform.

Performing the rap from “Sister Act” with my best friend Kara at a 9th grade choir concert – it’s a little known fact that all of the best rappers wear turtlenecks to perform.

Let it be known that as a music lover, I have everything on my iPod from pop music to show tunes to indie to classical to gangsta rap, and the list goes on. I love it all and am so proud of Nashville for representing most of these generas as the best in the industry. (Grammy Flashback: Aside from all of the obvious country awards, Nashville also represented with Best Pop Vocal Album – Kelly Clarkson, Best Rock Album, Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song – The Black Keys, and Nashville artists performed in 9 performances on the telecast)

My fixation at the moment is country music, which as we all know tells some of the most amazing stories and paints some of the most beautiful pictures. Four songs popped into my mind as some of the most well written, stunning pieces of songwriting that have been put out in recent years and I wanted to share them on the off chance that some readers might not listen to country, or may not have heard them. Here is where i have to make a one sided deal with anyone reading this – in order to develop trust on this blog, if you haven’t heard these songs, you must press play for at LEAST a preview, but I’m betting you’ll get sucked in.

Oh, and I love reading any and all comments that anyone may have, so share your thoughts!