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This month is typical in that the playlist has some obscure, some local, and some popular. I want to highlight the local this month. I’m fortunate that I often get to collaborate with artists as a hair and makeup artist and this month I got to work with two who’s music I happen to really enjoy.

I did hair and makeup for Mags Duvall on her new music video (not out yet – stay tuned) for Stay Lonely. If anything can make you hate a song, it’s hearing it over and over and over while shooting a video and I just grew to love this one more – and am still listening to it. You’re gonna love it, I don’t care who you are. You may have also seen me post the Mary Kay collaboration video we did on Instagram for her song “Pink Cadillac” ( which is such a fun song that I like to pump up while I’m getting ready to go out.

The next video I worked on was They Can’t See for Michael Tyler. I didn’t know this artist at all and had no idea what to expect. I’m obsessed with this song and it may be one of the sweetest love songs I’ve heard in a while with opening lyrics of:

“Her stain glass eyes are always praying for me
she’s a brand new angle to my same old story
she says it all without saying a word
she’d give her last dollar just to change the world.
Every body knows that she’s beautiful
drop dead gorgeous walking through that door
what makes that woman perfect is way more than skin deep
I’m in love with everything they can’t see.”


This month’s playlist has so much poppy goodness. Multiple Ariana Grande and Gavin DeGraw tunes. Seriously so good. A John Legend song from the soundtrack of “Southside With You” is so beautiful and brings the romance. “Victory” brought to you by two geniuses, Pharrell and Kirk Franklin will have you swaying in your car. New finds include everything Walker Hayes (a local guy who I think could blow up!) – his honesty, individuality, and infectous beats and melodies make him stick out from your average Nashville country artist. Also, be sure to check out “This Head I Hold” by Electric Guest, this upbeat throwback tune will be an instant favorite.

As always, I need to know what you guys are listening to! Comment below!

Well… I’m only 17 days behind, BUT HERE IS YOUR AUGUST 2016 PLAYLIST! It’s been kind of a crazy month – I’m currently in the middle of something Taryn dubbed “Adult Internship” which essentially means living abroad for 23 days. I just finished up the first leg of my trip in Zambia, Africa with an incredible organization called Every Orphan’s Hope. (I’m currently working on a post about that as I sit in Munich, Germany on an 8 hour layover on my way to Hvar, Croatia!) I think I’m still processing everything I saw and felt there, but it was one of the most meaningful weeks of my entire life. I’m enroute now for some relaxation and adventure in Croatia and France with my dear friend Whitney of Blonde Atlas. (Follow along in realtime on Snapchat and Instagram @BrennaMader! Did anyone see any of my Zambia adventures?)

But ok, let’s talk about music for a second. I think my favorite discovery in the past month is Grace who also happens to be the sister of Conrad Sewell. I have two of her tracks on this playlist and she’s kind filling the hole in my heart that Amy Winehouse left. Soulful voice, upbeat poppy/motown feel… that combo gets me every time. Also, I can’t believe I’m about to admit this, but I’m really feeling the new Shawn Mendes track… he kind of sounds like the lovechild of John Mayer and Allen Stone. Enjoy – and as always, comment what you’re listening to!

I’m loving the mix on this month’s playlist which features some of my favorite vocalists like David Nail and Harry Connick Jr. (Did you see my Instagram post of him singing my favorite hymn at the Ryman?) I also heard him sing, “One Fine Thing” for the first time and I’m obsessed. Add it to the list of some of my favorite love songs.

I also love Betty Who’s fresh take on “I Love You Always Forever.” This playlist also features a lot of up and coming Nashville artists – Drake White, Old Dominion, Maren Morris, Clare Dunn, and Kelleigh Bannen. Such good stuff!

Speaking of Kelleigh Bannen, scroll down to check out some of these stunning images of her (and some fun BTS) Cameron Powell shot just last week! Wardrobe by one of my favorites Taylor Colson Horton, hair and makeup by moi. My two favorite tracks from her new project “Landlocked” are in the playlist below, but let’s be honest, the entire EP has been on repeat on my patio.

IMG_0334 IMG_0330

Like... not sure what's happening here, but it's funny. haha

Like… not sure what’s happening here, but it’s funny. haha

All 3 looks from the day (Are you following me on snapchat @BrennaMader?)

All 3 looks from the day (I had all the behind the scenes action on snapchat that day – are you following me @BrennaMader?)

Favorite shot... I mean wow.

Favorite shot… I mean wow.