Sunday Cheat Day Y’all!

Listen, I know I’m getting ready for the Miss USA pageant, but everyone deserves a cheat day… unless you want them to bite your head off in hunger. Sunday is typically the day I choose and I’m listing the top 3 things I want on my cheat day!

1. Nachos. Enough said. This is literally my favorite food and I have made numerous “jokes” about how I’m going to serve them at my wedding someday, even if that wedding ends up being to my roommate Taryn. Just so I can have nachos. Wait, that happens every Sunday… Anywaaaay, my nacho of choice is either the nacho mama served at Taco Mamacita or the meat haters nachos served at Neighbors in Sylvan Park, both right here in Nashville! Oh yeah, I just remembered another legendary Nashville nacho – the late night menu nachos at Sunset Grill. Everyone who lives in Hillsboro Village knows about these, but you have to be up late enough to get them. I ate them as my first meal post Miss Tennessee USA a couple years back. I am also slightly embarrassed that I know about so many good nachos… moving on…

The nacho mama… just as good as it looks!

2.) The quinoa black bean burger aka the Marathon (add jalapeno and avocado, trust me) and truffle fries at Burger Up. This is actually a vegan option, so we’ll tell ourselves that it’s semi healthy. Actually it is if you eat it atop of one of their fab salads, which I have been known to do on occasion! Important sidenote: although I am a taken lady, I can’t help but comment on the fact that Burger Up probably has the most attractive and nice servers of any restaurant in Nashville.

Oh and did I mention that the ketchup and other sauces are homemade? And so are the pickles… and so is everything. #amazeballs

I love the ambiance here too – casual but still trendy and cool!

It is also important to note that most of Burger Up’s ingredients are local and organic!

3.) Cookie dough egg rolls from Jacksons. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I have to include these, as they are somewhat of a Belmont student anomaly.

Pretty sure that’s all the convincing I need to do on that one! Enjoy your cheat day, I know I will! 🙂



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