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I am not someone who eats many dairy products. I try to consume them sparingly for a multitude of reasons and most of the nutritionists I follow closely would endorse that same idea. However, there is one dairy product that’s actually good for you, and you might be surprised to hear what it is… (drumroll please!)


Organic, grassfed butter (Raw is actually best, but it’s harder to get – check out www.realmilk.com to find some in your area) actually has a multitude of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, glycospingolipids (a special category of fatty acids that protect against gastrointestinal infections) and other disease fighting properties!

One of my favorite physicians/nutritionists, Dr. Axe, not only endorses the consumption of organic butter, but makes this argument on why one should never consume margarine:(prepare yourself for shock and disgust!):

“Standing in direct opposition to all of these healthful qualities [of raw and/or organic butter] stands margarine and assorted ‘vegetable oil spreads.’ While these  may be cheaper, you’d never eat them again if you knew how they were made.

All margarines are made from assorted vegetable oils that have been heated to extremely high temperatures. This ensures that the oils will become rancid. After that, a nickel catalyst is added, along with hydrogen atoms, to solidify it. Nickel is a toxic heavy metal and amounts always remain in the finished product. Finally, deodorants and colorings are added to remove margarine’s horrible smell (from the rancid oils) and unappetizing grey color.

And if that is not enough, in the solidification process, harmful trans-fatty acids are created which are carcinogenic and mutagenic. What would you rather have: a real food with an abundance of healthful qualities or a stick of carcinogenic, bleached and deodorized slop?

Some of you might be watching your weight and be rather hesitant to add butter into your diet. Have no fear. About 15% of the fatty acids in butter are of the short and medium chain variety which are NOT stored as fat in the body, but are used by the vital organs for energy.”

For more information on the health benefits of organic butter, check out this article!