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As a girl on the go, I eat out more than I should. Luckily I live in a city that lends itself to a healthy lifestyle. Nashville truly caters to both ends of the food spectrum – delicious southern food dripping in butter and delicious vegan, gluten free, fresh, healthy meals – all prepared in creative, innovative ways. I do my fair share of indulging in both – but today’s post is all about my favorite entree salads all over Nashville that won’t leave you feeling unsatisfied.

1. The Kale Salad at Burger Up – This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this salad on this blog – but I can’t stop talking about it and I can’t stop eating it. Kale, dried cherries, hazelnuts, parmesan and lemon. Simple, but so tasty. I recommend adding beets and avocado to make it a little more hearty. I’ve converted many a pal to loving this salad.

Burger Up also has one of my favorite interiors for a casual restaurant in the whole city. I want to hang out here all the time. The ingredients are also sourced locally as much as possible. LOVE that. This photo is from tripadvisor.com

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I previously talked about some of my favorite ways to eat healthy on the go, but I have recently found a couple more healthy fast food options that I love – Introducing the lettuce wrapped sub! Found at both Jimmy John’s and Which Wich, it’s basically a salad in the form of a sandwich. You get the satisfaction of a sub with the health benefits and calories of a salad.

My favorite from Jimmy John’s is the gourmet vegetarian club… avocado, cucumber, tomato, etc. Yum.

It looks like this.

Which Wich has several really good vegetarian options that are customizable with all kinds of toppings:

Besides being easy, fast, and healthy, they are also easy on the pocketbook!

More excitement: this has nothing to do with sandwiches, but one of my favorite artists of all time, John Legend, came out with a new album this week! My bestie, Lauren, turned me on to this video of him performing a song off the new album that he wrote for his fiance (another one of my favorites, Chrissy Teigen) on Oprah. I love the originality of this love song, and if you know much about this couple, this song is definitely about her. Check it out!

 Not to brag or anything (totally bragging here), but I got to meet Chrissy at this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition party in NYC and she was sooo nice, showed me her engagement ring, talked to me about their upcoming wedding, and told me I was pretty. #lifemade