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Living in the South where it’s humid, I’m not always religious about using lotion because I don’t have to be. However, I’ve recently started using CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion to successfully treat various skin annoyances like KP and razor burn.

Since I was young, I’ve had KP or Keratosis Pilaris aka small red bumps on the backs of my arms. (There’s a good chance you have this too – 50% of the population does!) There are a few things that have helped this a little bit, but the best tip I got was while I was at Miss USA. One of my favorite makeup artists/people, Danielle Doyle of The Perfect Face , told me that using CeraVe on my arms every single day would help alleviate the problem. For some reason, it’s taken me until now to follow her advice, but I have to say it has helped significantly, especially when combined with regular exfoliation and having some omegas in my diet. (I throw chia seeds in my smoothie to get a good dose.) CeraVe is also great for calming razor burn and for extra soft skin. I’ve read various reviews online and some suggest the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream for KP and  still others like the CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion best. I’ve only tried the moisturizing lotion, but thus far I am incredibly happy with the results. Here’s to soft, smooth, beautiful summer skin!

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I attended the Miss Tennessee USA pageant this past Saturday for the first time as a has-been and had such a great time being at a pageant with no nervousness what-so-ever! There were some phenomenal contestants in both the Miss and Teen competitions, and the winners are absolutely beautiful, intelligent, charismatic, and deserving. I wanted to share a little scrapbook of photos that I took over the weekend – being at the pageant was like a mini-reunion with so many people that feel like family to me after a year of intense work alongside many of them.  Continue reading

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Moll Anderson show. I’ve been a fan of Moll since I first moved to Nashville 7 years ago and she had a column in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine. Moll is girl-crush worthy – an all around power woman who is an Emmy Award winning tv/radio host, famed interior designer, author, and life-stylist. She asked me about some of my favorite topics – fitness and nutrition, pageants, body image, confidence, dating, and OBVIOUSLY Wanderlust and Glitter Dust! If you missed me live, you can check it out here!

All hail this hot #girlboss

As a woman who doesn’t know a darn thing about sports, there have been many conversations I haven’t been able to participate in throughout my life. Whether it be on a job, with my dad or guy friends, or in a regular social situation, sports are a popular topic much more interesting to most people than say… the weather. Even if you aren’t a sports lover (guilty!), I have found that having a few intelligent things to say on the topic can be a catalyst to many other valuable conversations that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. #empowerment

She's not only my roommate and best friend, but someone I admire so much with a real passion for empowering women.

She’s not only my roommate and best friend, but someone who’s real passion for empowering women inspires me!

The Women Can Talk Sports founder, Taryn, is a sports enthusiast who is passionate about bringing more women into the sports conversation. Being able to talk sports has had a direct influence on many personal and professional relationships throughout her life and now she is here to help us all!

Chatting with the literal throngs of attendee's at the app launch party!

Chatting with the literal throngs of attendee’s at the app launch party!

We couldn't even fit all of the app launch party attendees into one photo!

We couldn’t even fit all of the app launch party attendees into one photo!


Part of the reason I don’t love sports is because I don’t understand many of them. (Although, not to braaaag,  but I was a non starter on my 8th grade basketball’s B-Team…) The Women Can Talk Sports App and Blog are your one stop shop to learning everything you need to know to be able to talk – and enjoy sports!

You too can have this cute logo on your phone!

You too can have this cute logo on your phone!

Taryn is currently living with her target audience (me) and the fact that I even know the words (and meanings of) “NFL Combine” and “Selection Sunday” are a true testament to her talent! (Check out her hilarious article on how the NFL Combine and her experience at Miss America are parallel here – now that’s something I can relate to!)

With Taryn and our friend Billy at my very first SEC football game. Just one of many sports firsts I've had because of Taryn. I have to admit, I've had so much fun at any and all events we've gone to! (She probably doesn't have as much fun since I am usually hounding her with questions...)

With Taryn and our friend Billy at my very first SEC football game. (Can you tell it was a Vanderbilt game by our outfits? Dressing for the game is something I can definitely get down with, especially here in the South! Southern women take it to another level!) Just one of many sports firsts I’ve had because of Taryn. I have to admit, I’ve had so much fun at any and all events we’ve gone to! (She probably doesn’t have as much fun since I am usually hounding her with questions… I guess I should just refer below…)

A few articles in the football section of the app.

A few articles in the football section of the app.

So head on over to the App Store and get your free download of the Women Can Talk Sports App today! (While you’re at it, you might as well like her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter and Instagram!)  It has tons of cool features – like my favorite, a section where you can record your questions into your phone microphone and it sends it directly to Taryn who will answer you back!

The home screen displaying a few of the many features the app has!

The home screen displaying a few of the many features the app has!

So yeah… if you have any questions, send them to her. 🙂 Happy Thursday everyone!

A hipster birthday card… to my site… ha!

It’s pretty hard to believe that 1 year ago today was my very first post on Wanderlust and Glitter Dust! I can’t tell you how enriching and fun having this blog has been in so many ways! 141,679 page views (and trips to Chicago and Palm Beach that would have never happened if I weren’t writing this blog!) later, I’m going to celebrate with you by taking a walk down memory lane with my top 6 posts – some being the most popular posts and some of my personal favorites.

6.) I decided to incorporate a “spotlight” section on my blog when I met Alexa – a 29 year old newlywed and breast cancer survivor who’s love story and healing touched and inspired me on a deep level. Since then I’ve done two more spotlights: Jaclyn Schultz (Miss Michigan USA 2013) and her unique story about being born without a uterus and the brave advocacy she has done since. The most recent is the most incredibly touching love story I have ever heard about a husband who has gracefully and lovingly adapted to his wife becoming a paraplegic. Read about Layng and Linda here!

Young and in love... and ridiculously good looking!

Young and in love… and ridiculously good looking!

5.) For some reason it is surprising to me that one of my most viewed posts is “Vegan Gluten Free Banana Pancakes.” Maybe my page comes up when people google Jack Johnson? I think Americans are catching on to the fact that healthy food can taste amazing – and these pancakes are still a breakfast staple for me. So delicious! Make ya some today!

Yeah I didn’t take that, it’s a stock photo… but it sure is pretty!

4.) People on the internet want visuals. Lots of people checked out my gallery! Check it out if you haven’t already!

Photo by Cameron Powell

Photo by Cameron Powell

3.) Being at Miss USA in some ways felt like boarding school, so I felt it only appropriate to give out “Miss USA Superlatives.” Get to know some of the most amazing, ambitious, funny, and beautiful women I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

It looks like all business... but it's a whole lot of trouble.

It looks like all business… but it’s a whole lot of trouble. PS: I cropped Donald Trump out of this photo.

2.) Part of being Miss Tennessee USA was getting people to vote for you in an online contest. I was fortunate enough to have many friends and a few celebrities make videos on my behalf. The crowning achievement was getting a video from one of my favorite superstars Amy Grant! (I’ll forever be indebted to you Brooks Parker!) Check out her sweet video here!

Perfection. Also – I recently ran across this quote: “Christian girls are freaks – you just have to marry them to find out!” -Vince Gill. hahahaha Good for you Amy (and Vince)!

1.) The number 1 most viewed post (6,518 views!) on my page is entitled, What It Feels Like To Lose.” I wrote this extremely vulnerable and honest post the day after I returned home from the Miss USA pageant. In hindsight, I think this was accidentally the most therapeutic thing I could have done to heal my spirit, from what felt like at the time, the greatest loss ever. After publishing this post I received literally hundreds of texts, emails, phone calls, comments, messages, etc. from girls who have at one time or another felt the same way as well as from friends, family, and people I’d never even met before supporting me. This post taught me that vulnerability will help you connect with you audience in ways you never thought possible! To everyone who read and reached out – thanks a million, you’ll never know how much you helped put me back together!

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has read this blog over the past year – I would love to know if any of you have post requests! I would also be curious to know what post from this past year was your favorite. Help a girl out with some research and marketing and leave some comments! 🙂