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ICYMI: I got married on March 25th.
(Is everyone done with it yet?)


I wanted to share what I wore to several of my most important wedding events. I agonized over these wardrobe choices, sent an annoying number of snapchats to my close friends, and spent way too much time shopping for these looks. If you have something important coming up, maybe this will help you narrow down your search.

Engagement Photos:
I put a lot of pressure on myself with what I was wearing in these photos. These pics last forever and I wanted to represent myself accurately. Luckily, my photographers (Love Is A Big Deal) are amazing and let me do a wardrobe change so I could have two completely different looks. Meg and Josh are a husband wife photo/video duo and are also the perfect mix of calming and hysterical. Any photo you see us dying laughing in is a genuine reaction to something they said and I have very few photos that have captured mine or Tim’s genuine smile. They killed it, I love these images so much!BrennaTimEngaged124My friend Chelsea found this whole look for me and it’s everything I love – green, off the shoulder, cool earrings. Loved it! BrennaTimEngaged125Awkward and uncoordinated much!? lol Photos by Love Is A Big Deal

Photo by Love Is A Big Deal
I wasn’t even looking for something else to wear, but came across this dress in a surprising location aka a store I never shop in when I was picking something up for Tim. You’ll probably see a million more pictures of me in this dress over time because I love it so much.BrennaTimEngaged094

BrennaTimEngaged085 BrennaTimEngaged076 BrennaTimEngaged052

Bridal Shower:
I shared this look in a prior post about my shower, but I wanted to share it again here as well.

With my mom and sister at my bridal shower. Shop: | Dress | Earrings | Shoes | Photo by Kara McLeland

With my mom and sister at my bridal shower. I loved the fabric and it’s subtle metallic sheen and the scalloped hem. Shop: | Dress and here | Earrings | Shoes | Photo by Kara McLeland

Welcome Brunch:
I already had an outfit locked down for this brunch when I came across this fab skirt at UAL for $32. Bridal, beachy, chic, done. I couldn’t have been more excited to wear this. I’ve had the top forever from Muse. (Two of my favorite Nashville spots for my locals or those visiting)

With my bestie for the restie (who also does my hair and picked out my wedding gowns and veil #multitalented) Steven Fields

With my bestie for the restie (who also does my hair and picked out my wedding gowns and veil #multitalented) Steven Fields

I kept my makeup pretty much the same all wedding weekend. I did a similar look the weekend I won the Miss Tennessee USA pageant and so I felt like it was good luck. haha It must have worked because the whole wedding weekend went off without a hitch! SELFIE TIP: always take your selfie with natural light coming at you and a darker background – it hides a myriad of imperfections. This selfie was taken before I put on mascara, so don’t forget to do that!IMG_0564| Eyeshadows: pink, brown, dark brown, highlight | Eyeliner | Lipliner in “Posy Perfect” | Lipstick in “Medium Rare” | Blush | Foundation (It’s technically a concealer, but it’s thin and build able and I love it as a a foundation) | Powder | Brow Powder | Primer | Setting Spray | Contour Powder |

Rehearsal Dinner:
My friend Chelsea also scouted this dress for me. I usually have a really hard time wearing strapless because I have a more full bust, but this dress offers plenty of room and stretch. I thought this dress had a really flattering fit and was comfortable too. I like the flare it has but I also think I won’t hate it when I look at photos a few years down the road. I don’t think photos fully do it justice, but I got tons of compliments on it, I don’t think you’ll go wrong having this beauty in your closet. (I’m in between a 4 and 6 and a M fit me perfectly.)

Photo by Kara McLeland

Shop: Dress | Shoes (I’ve officially worn these about 100 times in the past month) | Photo by Kara McLeland