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As you probably know already, I’ve been hustling hard to get fit for my March 25th (!!!) wedding. I’ve been working with Scott Keppel (see my other posts with him here and here) and he’s taken me down a totally different road than I’ve ever been down before nutritionally. He has been more interested in tightening my body than making it a lot smaller. This has required a lot of trust from my end because I’m used to a drastic calorie cut and feeling guilty if I ever eat something I really enjoy and he is actually having me eat more calories.

So I’ve been counting macros… and I haven’t seen much of a change on my scale. But I’m working my @$$ off (hopefully, literally!) so is there really no progress happening?

False. There absolutely is! So how do you measure your progress when you aren’t doing a drastic weight loss program? The first way is free and easy – and that is to keep track of your measurements. Measure your chest, biceps, natural waist, belly button area, hips, and thighs once per week and keep track of them. This is great incentive to keep working because your body is changing.

The second way is my absolute favorite. Actually, as a statistics nerd, I’m obsessed with it. It’s called the Bod Pod and it measures your body composition with about 98% accuracy meaning that once you take the test, you’ll know how many pounds of your body are made of lean muscle mass and how many pounds are made of up fat. I’ve been going every 2 weeks at Marathon Fitness in 12th South (which also has great group fitness classes and nutritional planning as well!)  and it’s so interesting to monitor the changes happening in your body. Recently I went and had lost 1.3lbs of fat and had gained .7lb of muscle. Another week I tested and I had gained about 2.5lbs of muscle and lost .3 lb of fat. I think this evaluation is so helpful when you’re not on a massive weight loss journey but you’re wanting to get leaner, tighter, and more fit. It has helped keep me stay motivated and excited about the changes that are happening in my body.



Make sure to schedule your appointment at a time where you won’t have eaten or drank anything for 3 hours. Wear either very tight fitting workout wear or even a swimsuit for your most accurate results – and don’t be scared of Joe when you walk in… he could beat up anyone you know, but he’s super nice and is the man behind Kelleigh Bannen‘s perfect little booty, so you know he knows what he’s talking about! haha

This month is typical in that the playlist has some obscure, some local, and some popular. I want to highlight the local this month. I’m fortunate that I often get to collaborate with artists as a hair and makeup artist and this month I got to work with two who’s music I happen to really enjoy.

I did hair and makeup for Mags Duvall on her new music video (not out yet – stay tuned) for Stay Lonely. If anything can make you hate a song, it’s hearing it over and over and over while shooting a video and I just grew to love this one more – and am still listening to it. You’re gonna love it, I don’t care who you are. You may have also seen me post the Mary Kay collaboration video we did on Instagram for her song “Pink Cadillac” ( which is such a fun song that I like to pump up while I’m getting ready to go out.

The next video I worked on was They Can’t See for Michael Tyler. I didn’t know this artist at all and had no idea what to expect. I’m obsessed with this song and it may be one of the sweetest love songs I’ve heard in a while with opening lyrics of:

“Her stain glass eyes are always praying for me
she’s a brand new angle to my same old story
she says it all without saying a word
she’d give her last dollar just to change the world.
Every body knows that she’s beautiful
drop dead gorgeous walking through that door
what makes that woman perfect is way more than skin deep
I’m in love with everything they can’t see.”


This month’s playlist has so much poppy goodness. Multiple Ariana Grande and Gavin DeGraw tunes. Seriously so good. A John Legend song from the soundtrack of “Southside With You” is so beautiful and brings the romance. “Victory” brought to you by two geniuses, Pharrell and Kirk Franklin will have you swaying in your car. New finds include everything Walker Hayes (a local guy who I think could blow up!) – his honesty, individuality, and infectous beats and melodies make him stick out from your average Nashville country artist. Also, be sure to check out “This Head I Hold” by Electric Guest, this upbeat throwback tune will be an instant favorite.

As always, I need to know what you guys are listening to! Comment below!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetCould I have possibly added any more cheese to the title of this post? ^^^^ The answer to that is no, but I don’t care because I’m psyched about all things fall. (How basic white girl of me, I KNOW. Might as well mention that I’ll be all about that new all natural Pumpkin Spice Latte too, or as I like to say, PSL)

I’ve purchased a couple of pairs of boots, jackets, etc. and I’m READY, therefore today’s post is a totally fall outfit even though I haven’t actually started stepping out in tall boots yet.
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