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Today is probably my favorite Fashion Friday post to date – homegirl LOVES to wear some evening gowns. Luckily, I have one of the most talented and generous friends in the world who also happens to own a boutique that sells such evening gowns. (If you read this blog often, then you already know that I’m talking about Steven Fields of JS Fields and Company in Brentwood, Tennessee. He’s also the man responsible for my hair cuts and color.)

The first gown I wore is potentially my favorite gown I’ve ever worn. I love the color, fabric, shape, fit, etc. I tried it on and immediately felt giddy. It’s a Jovani and I never want to give it back. And I want to frolic in it.

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If you’d like to know more about what I saw and did backstage at the CMA Awards, check out the story I wrote for 12th and Broad here!

No gown is complete without accessories and I am also uh-bsessed with what I wore as frosting! I have been loving druzy jewelry all this year and Kendra Scott had a bajillion pieces that were perfect. Earthy, but still dressed up and blingy. I love both this Kendra Scott Naomi Double Ring and Kylie Ring. Continue reading

I was lucky enough to meet skincare expert and esthetician Niki Johnson when I was Miss Tennessee USA. She swooped in and put me on an incredible skin care regimen that had my skin looking it’s best at Miss USA, and even went as far as to ship me special products while I was in Vegas competing. I still go to her on an almost monthly basis – and she still goes above and beyond the call of duty every time I see her – giving me tips, changing up my skin care based on the season, and being honest about which products are worth spending money on and where I can save a few dollars. She is truly the best (and as a beauty junkie, I’ve had a lot of facials, mircroderms, treatments in my day!)


Last time I went to see her I was complaining about how much my skin can suffer when I’m traveling and she gave me few amazing tips that were totally new information to me. I have been begging her to be a contributor to Wanderlust and Glitter Dust since I met her and we thought this subject would be perfect for her first post on the blog! And now, a note from Niki on how to keep your skin looking beautiful even when traveling:

In the midst of travel for our jobs, vacation, and the all too rare visits with our friends and family, we can find our skin suffering at the expense of travel. I have a few easy tips for you on how to keep your skin looking its best no matter how much globe trotting you’re doing this year.

All tips require household items that will easily pack in your suitcase, except for one  – a cucumber. There are not always grocery stores with close proximity to hotels, but if you look around you might be surprised. We will come back to the cucumber later.

One of the easiest and most important tips is: no matter what you do, where you go, who you’re with, or what other interstellar force that is involved: do not sleep in your make up. At the end of a night of business dinners or fun, it’s time to wash your face. It’s imperative that you have your cleanser in your bag of tricks. Don’t trust the hotel soaps, I wouldn’t even put those in my guest bathroom. You don’t need to spend a lot on cleanser, Cetaphil or the “Say Yes To” line from Target are inexpensive and gentle.

This is a skincare DON’T, she’s cute THO.

Now is the time for the cucumber to do it’s magic. Slice the cucumber into round slices and keep them in a zip-lock bag. While you are reading or catching up on tv before bed, eat every bit of that cucumber except for two large round slices and put them back in the bag and in the mini fridge. The cucumber is hydrating and also contains zinc which is great for your skin.

As you are lying down to sleep, make sure it’s on your own pillowcase washed in ALL Free and Clear. Also be sure to pack 2 gallon zip-lock bags in your suitcase with your own wash cloths. Do not use hotel wash cloths on your face. One bag for the unused cloth and the other for ones you might want to keep that are not totally dry.

When your alarm goes off the next morning, hit the snooze button and grab your two cucumber slices. Put them on your eyes and enjoy another 5 to 10 minutes of rest. When you can finally move, go down the hall and get some ice. Post shower, take two cubes of the ice and rub your face, nose, eyes, and forehead until the cubes are melted. Repeat two or three times.

The cucumber you ate last night helps to hydrate tissue and the two round slices on the eyes during snooze time help with eye puffiness. The ice constricts blood vessels and helps get rid of  swelling or inflammation after you may have had some wine or cocktails. (This is also great to do a on a blemish!) The “ice facial” also helps tighten pores and smooth skin. Hopefully you all experience events with better wine than I have, but that’s for another time!

She makes that look like it feels REALLY good. #awkward

Follow with your normal moisturizer and sunscreen like you always do (come see me for my custom recommendations on what your skin needs!) and your skin will feel refreshed and beautiful even when you’re on the road! Safe Travels, Niki

Niki is offering Wanderlust and Glitter Dust readers 25% off facials and 10% off products with the mention of this blog! Contact her here and be sure to follow Niki on Twitter for more tips as well as deals and specials!


Y’all have heard me talk about my love for my esthetician here in Nashville Niki Johnson who I go to for a monthly facial/microderm/detox treatment. She has put me on the best regimine and thanks to her my skin looks the best it ever has. I wanted to find some sort of mask to keep my skin in check in between treatments and she recommended the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. I have to say, I love what this mask does for my face – tightens pores, exfoliates, pulls out impurities, and truly makes my face glow. It’s a great value and is found at Sephora and all over the internet.
To use: apply a thick layer to your face and wait for it to dry. It basically peels off in one whole piece and feels rubbery which is kind of cool. Hint: Don’t leave your house unless you are prepared for a Julianne Hough-esque scandal. Let me know how you like it!