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For the next few days this blog is going to take you all on a tour of South Florida – Miami, Key West, and West Palm Beach beginning with today’s post about Miami. I feel like I should mention that initially this was an all girl trip to the Breakers in West Palm Beach courtesy of the great people at Garden of Life, but the last few days of 2013 turned into a great adventure with lots of spontaneity, new places, and new and old friends.

One week before I was supposed to leave for Palm Beach I was having dinner with friends and by happenstance one of them, Andrew, was going to be in Miami around the same time I was going to be in Palm Beach. He suggested that I fly in a day early and go to the Dolphins game with him because he was going alone. I immediately jumped on the bandwagon, invited my friend Michelle (Miss Florida USA from my year), and we had the tickets booked within two hours. This didn’t dawn on me until afterwards:

As it turns out, Andrew is one of the most laid back and fun people to travel with ever!

I am happy to report in hindsight that Andrew is one of the most laid back and fun people to travel with! Ever.

Immediately upon landing Michelle scooped me up and we headed to the W South Beach where we primped Miami style (aka tight clothes and false lashes) to head to dinner at Prime 112.

The hotel was gorgeous, but even better than that was that the bathroom had GREAT lighting for pics! ha!

The hotel is gorgeous, but even better than that was that the bathroom had GREAT lighting for pics! ha!

Prime 112 refers to themselves as the first modern boutique steakhouse. Located in the bottom of Miami Beach’s first hotel, Brown’s Hotel, Prime 112 is a cool mix of historic and modern.

Courtesy of mylesrestaurantgroup.com

Apparently everyone in Miami loves the historic and modern because we had a 10:30 reservation and weren’t seated for 2 hours… but we didn’t mind too much because there was champagne… and bacon…


As an avid bacon lover and foodie Andrew was already up on the fact that having bacon instead of popcorn and nuts as a bar snack is the newest and coolest thing popping up at restaurants across the country.

IMG_1875When we were seated, my eye was immediately drawn to the part of the menu that listed the numerous types of butter you can order with your steak including gorgonzola, cabernet goat cheese, truffle, smoked bacon and onion, etc. (I don’t keep to vegan and gluten free when I’m on vacation if you couldn’t tell… 😉 ) I also loved their “accessory” menu:

This must be why they can refer to themselves as a female friendly steakhouse! ;)

This must be why they can refer to themselves as a female friendly steakhouse! ;)

Andrew is the best/worst person to have dinner with because he wants to order every single thing on the menu and I feel like we almost did… including escargot which they forced me into trying. Interesting fact: I HATE seafood and for some reason in my head snails go into the seafood category. I was very dramatic about the entire ordeal as shown below:
IMG_1923 IMG_1878


I actually gagged several times… I think Andrew has a video of that embarrassment somewhere… haha

I’ll be honest, the escargot tasted like butter, which as explained above, I LOVE – but the texture was pretty much exactly what you would imagine. Check another interesting food off the bucket list. I don’t have as many great pics of dinner as I wish I did, but here are a few more pieces of our smorgasbord:


um HELLO look at all that butter!


Wagyu filet and a $25 kobe hot dog… haha

IMG_1887 IMG_1888We had big plans to go out that night but by the time we finished dinner it was 2:00 in the morning and we were in an intense food coma. Andrew is also the biggest Dolphins fan in history and this was going to be his first home game so he wanted to be nice and rested for the game. Luckily, we had an authentic Miamian (Is that a word?) and Cuban to introduce us to this the next morning:
IMG_1915Behold: Cuban coffee aka the strongest, sweetest, and most addictive coffee you will ever taste. There are two types: cafe con leche (with milk) and cortadito (without). We opted for the cortadito (pictured above) and it is served just like you see – small and with mini cups for sharing because it is THAT strong – but SO good. Michelle and I each had one mini cup and Andrew really went for it drinking the rest and wanting more! We were REALLY ready for the game! (Sidenote: I really really really want to go to actual Cuba.)


This was my first time down on the field at an NFL game and it was so fun to do in Sun Stadium! The fans are crazy and the stadium is beautiful. Andrew and Michelle had an intense rivalry going on since Michelle is born and bred a Jets fan.


Literally the happiest person in the world!


Special shout out to Ashley and Aaron for hooking us up with amazing tickets!


When Michelle and I met at Miss USA it was love at first sight and it was so so so fun to be able to hang with her in her city. I thought I wanted to be Latina before, but after spending some time in Miami with her, it’s overwhelming me! haha


One (of many) things that make Sun Stadium so unique is that they have a nightclub inside the stadium. LIV Nightclub is inside the Fontainebleau Hotel… and inside their football stadium …and it is raging at 1 PM which was so bizarre and funny to me, but it was fun to see!


The view from LIV


DJ booth, duh.


Y’all know how much I love restaurants and food and the first thing I thought of when I knew I was coming to Miami was Cuban food. The only other time I was in the Miami vicinity was when I flew through on my way to Key West and my boss at the time and I scheduled our layover so that we could go to a Cuban restaurant.

Michelle and Aaron suggested Larios On The Beach which is Gloria Estefan’s restaurant and it exceeded every expectation I had. We found out that another friend from Nashville, Bobby, was in Miami, so we invited him to join us. (This detail becomes important later.)


Going to Miami and not getting a mojito just wouldn’t be cool.

IMG_1997Every. single. thing. we ate was my favorite thing. Take me baaaack! IMG_2006 IMG_2008While chatting at dinner, Bobby mentioned that he was playing a show in Key West for New Year’s Eve with another friend of mine and invited the girls and I to come down. I was immediately excited about the idea of going to Key West (love it there!), but had my doubts that I would be able to convince my friends to drive 5 hours to get there… (Spoiler alert: we went – stay tuned!)IMG_2012


Ran into this guy leaving the restaurant and felt so guilty! haha

Other honorable mentions from Miami include:

Champagne (or as I like to call it, champs), laughter, and friends on the beach late night. (My new favorite activity!)
IMG_2066 IMG_2057Loving every bit of the W South Beach


Is that room not gorgeous?!


I could wake up to that view every day!

Cruising all around town and getting to see lots of different neighborhoods in the back of Aaron’s convertibleIMG_1993


blurry but awesome views

Andrew losing a bet with Michelle about the game and having to wear her Jets hat
IMG_2100Worn out after a great start to my Florida trip with some of the best friends a girl could have! Love y’all so much!


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