WL&GD Fitness: ClassPass

I don’t know about you guys, but I can get a little bit lazy at the gym. This is why I like taking group classes – the instructors push me harder than I would push myself and when I’m in an environment where everyone else is doing the workout, I’m not going to be the one person not participating, no matter how challenging it is.

There are lots of classes I love, but it can get expensive having a gym membership and paying for lots of different types of classes. My ADD personality also likes changing up my workouts so I don’t get bored.ClassPass

I’m kind of mad I didn’t think of this genius idea, but insert ClassPass – a monthly membership in 31 cities where there are sometimes 21 different classes to choose from in a single hour! The studios are located in various parts of the city so you can choose a class that’s convenient to you.

There are all types of classes to choose from – I started my ClassPass membership last Tuesday and in the last week I have already tried so many new classes and gyms (and all of them were great!) including: GetFit615, Hot Yoga Plus, Shakti Power Yoga, SHED Fitness, and Liberation Yoga. I can also choose from some of my existing favorites like TITLE Boxing (remember this post!) and Pure Barreclass pass 2

With the membership you’re allowed 3 classes at each studio per month, which with the amount of classes offered would be literally impossible to run out or try them all! There are also incentives offered for signing up, right now a free FitBit is included with the purchase of a 3 month membership!

C’mon, get fit with me! Who wants to be my workout buddy?

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